« Afghanistan: the challenges ahead » – le 20 Février 2013 à Bruxelles

The Security and Defense Agenda (SDA) would like to invite you to an enlightening exchange of views on the future of Afghanistan with a select group of senior editors and broadcasting directors who have deep insight and knowledge of their country’s hopes and aspirations for 2014 and beyond.

Afghanistan: the challenges ahead

20 February 2013 / 18:00 – 19:30

Sofitel Europe, Brussels

Afghanistan faces an array of challenges in the coming months.  The security situation in the country remains volatile, national and provincial elections are scheduled for April 2014 and Kabul’s relations with its neighbours are still tense.  Little is also still known about the duration, composition and tasks for the NATO training mission which will take over from the International Security Assistance Force in 2014. Plagued by factionalism and corruption, is Afghanistan ready to assume responsibility for its security? Are the Afghan army and police force sufficiently well trained to keep the peace? What are the prospects for fair and free elections in Afghanistan and who is likely to benefit in the post-Karzai era? Now that Pakistan appears to be encouraging the Taliban to enter reconciliation talks with Kabul, what is the possibility of a power-sharing agreement in Kabul? What are the chances of a ceasefire before 2014 and who has the influence and authority to initiate it? What role should other regional actors play in Afghanistan’s conflict resolution?


Nicholas Williams, Head of Afghanistan Team, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Andreas Fischer-Barnicol, Afghanistan Desk, European External Action Service (EEAS)
Panel of Afghan Senior Editors

Moderated by Shada Islam, Head of Policy, Friends of Europe  

The event is organised in cooperation with NATO.

For more information view the full programme.

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